Nuclear Outrun

Truck vs Nuclear Missile – who will SURVIVE? Through some unforeseen (yet totally avoidable) world crisis, a nuclear missile is crashing down to ruin everyone’s party. Drive & shoot your way out of a zombie-infested city as far as you can, before everything goes kaboom!

Give a Dam

Explosions! Superheros!! Car Chases!! Dancing Ponies!!! All things a great game should have! Give A Dam, The first ChupaChups game for iOS doesn’t have any of these things – but is the best dam game about saving happy campers from falling over a waterfall at Camp Chupa Chups you will ever play – and that’s a promise!
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Partners & Customers

Internship Program 2014

[PENDAFTARAN SUDAH DITUTUP PADA TANGGAL 9 MEI 2014] Hooray! Nightspade Mobile Game Development Studio is pleased to announce this year’s Internship Program! We’re looking for full time interns who can tackle on some mobile game projects, especially as 2D/3D Artists,... read more

Game Developer Bandung Meetup 10

Kamis, 26 September 2013 kemarin Gamedev Bandung Meetup kembali diadakan di Siete Cafe. Meetup kali ini sudah genap yang ke-10 loh. Meetup yang bertemakan “Art Style” ini diisi oleh Microsoft Indonesia, Aruline Studio, dan Jotter Production. Tema ini... read more

Welcome to our Jungle!

Video ini merupakan salah satu projek Nightspade untuk memperkenalkan tiga nilai yang diterapkan di studio Nightspade, yaitu Creativity, Passionate, Happiness. We aspire to deliver happiness to people, We do what we loved and passionate about, We emphasized on... read more