We're Looking For Interns!

Nightspade is delighted to announce this year’s internship program! Positions are open all year round!


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Nuclear Outrun

Truck vs Nuclear Missile – who will SURVIVE? Through some unforeseen (yet totally avoidable) world crisis, a nuclear missile is crashing down to ruin everyone’s party. Drive & shoot your way out of a zombie-infested city as far as you can, before everything goes kaboom!

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Give a Dam

Explosions! Superheros!! Car Chases!! Dancing Ponies!!! All things a great game should have! Give A Dam, The first ChupaChups game for iOS doesn’t have any of these things – but is the best dam game about saving happy campers from falling over a waterfall at Camp Chupa Chups you will ever play – and that’s a promise!
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We’re spreading our wings!

We’re spreading our wings! We’re 5 years old. Back in 2010 we decided to make mobile games. We started to write the first line of codes and sketched the assets for our first game – and then we grew, worked on various things, learned tons of stuff, experienced all the... read more

Internship Program 2015

Nightspade is delighted to announce our internship program for 2015! Read more if you’re interested in applying to work as an intern at our studio.

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An update from our studio

It’s been a while since we gave news of our studio – if you’re wondering why, worry not. 2014 has been a very big year for us. So far we’ve intensely worked of partners and clients, while also developing our own games. We’re still having so much fun developing new... read more