About Us

About the game development company, about the crew...

The Company

Nightspade is a Game Development Studio located in Bandung, Indonesia. We love crafting games targeting various kind of operating system. We aspire to deliver happiness through games and will continue to do so for the centuries to come.

See our crafted games!

Snazzy graphics

Cool Animation

Engaging gameplay

Wow effects

Our Value

We are not working,
We are crafting
with creativity, passionate and happiness!

  • Creativity 85%
  • Passionate 90%
  • Happiness 95%

The Crew

Nightspade is empowered by passionate talent who love creating snazzy graphics, cool transition, engaging gameplay and wow effects. It’s a challenging experience and we really enjoy every moment of it. Take a sneak peak at our amazing portfolio and our great team.

Garibaldy Wibowo Mukti

Garibaldy Wibowo Mukti

Founder, CEO

Gerry is the CEO and lead game designer for almost 7 years. He graduated with a Bachelor of Engineer in Informatics from ITB, Indonesia. He had given many speeches and seminars, motivates youngsters in Indonesia to join game industry. Because he thinks that this industry holds a lot of potentials for Indonesian game developers.

Garibaldy Wibowo Mukti

Teddy Pandu Wirawan

Founder, CFO

Teddy Pandu (Tepan) graduated with a Bachelor of Engineer in Informatics from ITB, Indonesia. He plays Clash of Clans a lot, and consider it as a research. He plays badminton or guitar in his free time.

Garibaldy Wibowo Mukti

Nadya Oktavia

Game Designer

Nadya Octavia recently joined Nightspade. She is a Game Designer and Quality Assurance. She graduated with a Bachelor of Computer in Informatics Engineering from National Institute of Technology, Bandung Indonesia. Currently playing Ni No Kuni The Wrath of White Witch, and any mobile games to help her passing time on the road.

Garibaldy Wibowo Mukti

Tommy Hidayat Santoso


Bachelor of Engineer in Informatics from ITB

Garibaldy Wibowo Mukti

Edwin Zaniar Putra


Graduated with a Bachelor of Engineering Degree in Informatics from ITB. Currently, he is taking master degree in Computer Science at ITB with research on inter-core communication on multicore operating system. He interested on creating reusable component that will speed up software development. He like racing simulation game such as Grand Turismo, and casual game.

Garibaldy Wibowo Mukti

Magdalena Marlin Amanda


Bachelor of Engineer in Informatics from ITB. Interested in topics regarding mathematics, psychology, utopia, dystopia, cyberpunk, and steampunk; fond of novels (currently in small scope of fantasy-fiction), games, animes, and Vocaloid. Will play any game without too many needs to drive vehicles in a sandbox environment because of having a very bad reflexes when using keyboard+mouse control and very good at losing direction

Garibaldy Wibowo Mukti

Bibi Wiwin

Lead Office Girl