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We’re spreading our wings!

We’re 5 years old. Back in 2010 we decided to make mobile games. We started to write the first line of codes and sketched the assets for our first game – and then we grew, worked on various things, learned tons of stuff, experienced all the ups and downs while working in the mobile game industry – we’ve also had so much fun! And as technology keeps on evolving, we feel that the border between mobile, desktop and console gaming is getting thinner and thinner day by day. That’s why we agreed that this year is the perfect time for us to expand into a game developer without any platform limitation. We decide to develop for more platforms, including, but not limited to consoles, PC, AR, Web, and Wearables. We’re confident that our decision to expand will increase the competency and performance of our crews – we’re also excited that we’re going to deliver happiness to even more people in the world!