Give A Dam

Product Description

Explosions! Superheros!! Car Chases!! Dancing Ponies!!! All things a great game should have! Give A Dam, The first ChupaChups game for iOS doesn’t have any of these things – but is the best dam game about saving happy campers from falling over a waterfall at Camp Chupa Chups you will ever play – and that’s a promise!


  • Some dam physics
  • 120 dam levels
  • A dam waterfall at the end of a dam river
  • Lots of dam characters including a dam beaver
  • The occasional dam shark
  • A dam catchy soundtrack with some dam catchy noises too

Oh, and Chuck of course. He’s just chillin. Play This. It would be a dam shame if you didn’t.

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Give a Dam is a collaboration project between:


Product Details

Date December 24, 2012

Platform iOS

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