We are open for any kind of opportunity and partnership in the game industry. Scroll down for details of our available services!

Full Game Development

With experienced crew on board, we could help you develop exquisite and juicy games! Should you decide to start from sketch with us, whether it’s a simple, casual game with a short development timeline and a small team, or a bigger project that would involve more people, we are ready to collaborate and develop games with you!


If you have a wonderful game idea, or a half-finished game design, or a complete, detailed game design document, and even maybe an ongoing project that you want to turn into a finished, polished game, we can team up to make it come true. With our experienced, friendly and communicative team, we can help you work on game design, art development, asset creation, game programming, music and audio production. We’re also ready to collaborate if you’re a game publisher, as we’re experienced in working with various people from around the globe.